Frequently Asked Questions  – FAQ Family Law

How long is the mediation process?

Although, there is no required time limit for mediation, Michael Ian Bender sets one three-hour session. If further mediation sessions are necessary more time can be scheduled. Usually, however, the three-hour session is sufficient to reach agreement.

How can I have Michael Ian Bender protect my children in my court case?

You can ask the Cook County Courts to appoint Michael Ian Bender as a Guardian ad litem, Children’s Representative, or Attorney-for-the-Child. Once appointed, Bender will work to protect your child’s best interest.

Before which courts will Michael Ian Bender appear?

Michael Ian Bender is licensed to practice law in Illinois. He is available to practice law throughout Illinois. Michael Bender, however, is also available to testify as an expert or opinion witness regarding child abuse throughout the United States.

In Illinois, if I earn in excess of $1,000,000.00, am I still required to pay 20% of my net income as child support?

It is possible to ask the Court to deviate from guideline child support in situations where income reaches higher levels. Courts examine these situations on a case-by-case basis.

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