High-profile Paternity and Divorce Representation

Michael Ian Bender has extensive experience and can handle your high-profile issues surrounding paternity, divorce, child support, as well as prenuptial agreements. A skilled family law attorney, Bender is able to handle these prominent cases with discretion and efficiency. For entertainers and athletes looking for legal representation through a parentage dispute, DNA testing, legal separation, or divorce, The Law Office of Michael Ian Bender is an ideal fit. With substantial assets and reputation at stake, The Law Office of Michael Ian Bender can skillfully and swiftly resolve the family law issues effecting athletes and entertainers.

The issue of windfall often arises in high-income situations. Child support is not meant to provide excessive wealth to the other parent. When income reaches higher levels, an examination of your situation and the needs of your child can lead to a deviation from guideline child support percentages. Let Michael Ian Bender examine your situation and determine a course of action to verify your parentage, financially provide for your child, obtain quality time for you and your child, and prevent others from taking advantage of you.