Michael Ian Bender is a court-certified mediator in Cook County, Illinois. The Law Office of Michael Ian Bender is proficient in and a proponent of mediation. Michael Ian Bender can successfully represent you in a mediated divorce or can serve as a neutral mediator in divorce cases where Michael Ian Bender is not representing either party in the divorce or parentage matter. The role of the mediator is to help parties recognize the issues, reduce misunderstandings, determine each party’s respective interests, and identify mutually acceptable solutions for all involved.

There are a myriad benefits to mediation, including:

Through meditation spouses may find alternative solutions to their problems and find a way to keep their marriage intact.

Mediation can save both parties significant amounts of money and time. If successful, mediation can mean avoiding court time resulting in lower divorce attorney fees and no court fees.

Mediation ensures the outcome is fair and advantageous for all involved. The mediator has no stake in the outcome and can serve as an unbiased party throughout the process. Because of their objectivity, the mediator may be able to find solutions that the couple cannot see based on their emotional investment in the outcome.

Mediation can save both parties from significant stress and anxiety. When successful, mediation avoids lengthily strenuous litigation.