Litigation and Negotiation

Solving domestic relations disputes requires persistent negotiation. But to be most effective, negotiation must be balanced by the skills and resources to litigate. Michael Ian Bender is an experienced litigator. He, however, uses his extensive knowledge and experience to enable his clients to reach their goals both in court and through settlement.

Bender works thoroughly with clients to be sure that communications include learning about the client, discussing expectations of the divorce process, and speaking to assumptions that the client might have based on information gathered from outside sources. Bender knows that clients rely on the information provided by their legal counsel to understand the length of time a case can take and the result that can be attained. The goal is to guide decisions using the best possible information. Bender recognizes that the analysis and scrutiny needed to maximize the probability of success at a trial is the same analysis and scrutiny needed to maximize the likelihood of a settlement.

Trial court litigation can be complex and an enormous source of stress for clients, which often is caused by fear of the unknown. Bender is particularly skilled at conveying legal concepts to his clients and importantly conveying the client’s concerns to the court. The Court can then render justice and provide an equitable resolution to the client’s stressful situation.

Throughout the litigation process in divorce, a client’s case is continuously being evaluated to be sure that the strategy remains current with client’s goals and priorities. Bender is regarded for his advanced level of preparedness and knowledge along with his comfort and confidence in the courtroom.